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Marcia Belsky

Marcia Belsky is a New York City based stand-up, musician and writer. After being raised a mouthy Jew in Oklahoma, she moved to Portland, Oregon and started her stand up career there. In 2014, she was a semifinalist in the NBC StandUp For Diversity competition, and her web series Couch House was an official selection in the 2015 New York Television Festival. Her 2016 project The Headless Women of Hollywood, a blog that explores the objectification of women on film and television posters, launched in April 2016 and has been featured on Funny or Die, USA Today, Buzzfeed, Guys We F***cked, AV Club, E!News and more. She is the lead singer in the feminist musical duo “Free the Mind,” whose EP Men Will Fall came out this year, and has contributed to the popular satirical website Reductress. You can see her performing regularly around the New York area.

Rae sanni

Rae Sanni is a stand up comedian and writer from Brooklyn, NY who has been bringing a unique perspective on everything from The Bad Girls Club to race and gender relations to cheddar cheese to the delight of audiences all over.  Rae is a staff writer on Comedy Central's The President Show and has performed standup on Lifetime and in the New York Comedy Festival. Her writing has been featured in New York Magazine, The Decider, Buzzfeed, and a bunch of other places. She performs regularly in the New York City area.


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